Here is a collection of some of my favorite projects. Some have links to more information.

Anatomy Templates

I made anatomy templates that allow for users to draw on top to learn anatomy in a very visual format (ideal for artists like me). I tried to bridge the gap between people who want to draw to learn anatomy, but do not want to spend time drawing a skull, for example.

Anatomy Template Database
  • ACR Convergence 2020

    I designed masks and notebooks for the largest Rheumatology conference using an immunology design that Dr. Fauci sported during a Coronavirus Task Force meeting on 6/28/20. I also got to do a meet and greet with attendees and talk about the intersections between art and science.

    A tweet about my meet and greet 
  • Figure/Cover in Operative Neurosurgery

    I had the opportunity to create a figure of Barrow types of carotid-cavernous fistulas for a case series in Operative Neurosurgery. I enjoyed the process because we went through imaging together and found reference views from the cases to use to create these. The components of my figure were also used to make the cover for this issue!

    See the cover and find the articles in this issue 
  • Honorable Mention in Academic Medicine's Call for Cover Art 2022

    Every year, Academic Medicine has a call for cover art. This year I didn't make the cut, but perhaps I will next year!

    Read the blog post 
  • Graphical Abstract

    I made the graphical abstract for this study in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology. I drew a histology slide, added a polyp to the journal's existing base image, and then found a way to arrange the data and title nicely so that it fit within the constaints of the journal.

    Read the paper 
  • UNESCO Creative Resilience 2021

    Creative Resilience is a UNESCO co-creation with 54 women scientists from around the world to showcase their artistic works inspired by the fight against and reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. I was part of the group of neuroscientists, microbiologists, doctors, nurses, medical students, researchers, science communicators, engineers and mathematicians who contributed to the exhibit.

    Visit the Exhibit 
  • Collaboration with GIANTmicrobes

    I am working with the team at GIANTmicrobes to create patterns featuring some of their educational plushes for creating other products and for marketing.

    Shop now 
  • LMSA West Conference 2022

    I created branding for LMSA West's conference, with themes of resilience and building our futures (hence the building blocks used as the design). I also designed swag for the conference, including t-shirts.

    More info 
  • Graphical Abstract

    This graphical abstract for the American Journal of Gastroenterology features a really cool "split screen" style to depict baseline normal colonoscopies vs. ones with adenoma. The study looked at the cumulative colorectal cancer incidence given earlier colonoscopy results.

    Read the paper 
  • ACP Wellness Wave 2022

    I created graphics and branding for an initiative through the American College of Physicians focusing on wellness. I also designed masks, mugs, pouches, and stickers for the events associated with its launch.

    Catch the wave! 

This was a drawing that I made based on a scene that I witnessed in an operating room while I was on my neurosurgery rotation!

We interrupt this program to talk more about the Fauci art! This is a piece that I made soon after finding out that he wore one of my designs. I didn't realize how many people noticed it until people started coming to me with opportunities, for which I am so grateful. I also wrote a blog post about it when it happened, which you can read below.

On Fauci and Fame
  • Collaboration with VINPIN

    I worked with Dr. Chan to teach him how to make seamless patterns and he created this extremely cute fabric for me to turn into scrub caps to sell on his site. Go get some pins from him while you're there!

    Buy a scrub cap 
  • Collaboration with Dr. Woof

    Dr. Woof Apparel makes extremely cute scrub caps and scrubs and is based in Australia. We collaborated to make scrub caps with this mitochondria pattern!

    Buy a scrub cap 
  • UCSD DYO Mask Competition 2021

    I was one of the winners of UCSD's mask designing competition. They made 10,000 masks with my design and distributed them around campus, which was awesome.

    Read the mail that went out to my peers here 
  • Stickers for UC San Diego School of Medicine 2020

    I designed these brain stickers for my School of Medicine to use in welcome kits for incoming classes of medical students! I see these on laptops when I walk around campus and love it!

    A post about this sticker 
  • Section Header in Caltech Alumni Magazine 2021

    I contributed my drawing to a section of Caltech's Alumni magazine, Techer. It was an honor to be recognized for my art by my alma mater and be a section header for a innovative set of articles! You can see the drawing up close and read the articles in this part of this issue below

    The Artistry of Medicine 
  • Spoonflower Feature 2022

    I was selected as one of ten women to represent the brand for International Women's Day. As part of this month, they printed out 10,000 stickers with one of my brain designs and sent them with orders in March.

    On Creative Superpowers