Shop My Designs

I use a variety of print on demand sites for selling my designs. Depending on the storefront, I sell shirts, socks, mugs, puzzles, ties, fabric, and more! I'm also lucky enough to know some brands that use my designs in their products, so I'll add them here too.


This is the main site I use to sell fabric. In fact, it's also the site I use to get the fabric I use to make scrub caps for you all!

Sumana posing with a science themed puzzled from Society6


If you couldn't tell, I love puzzles. Society6 recently introduced them and you can find puzzles on there too! There's also prints, furniture, home goods, and a variety of other items. If you've never shopped here, this link will give you $15 off your first purchase.

A tie made with a mitochondria design.


I sell ties on here because none of the other sites I use sell ties, and I think they're a fun way to personalize a wardrobe. A bold way to declare your nerdiness to the world.



Redbubble has notebooks and mugs, shown here, but also has puzzles, apparel, masks, decor. A hodgepodge of items, if you will.

Sumana sitting in front of a mitochondria backdrop with a shirt that has an anatomic heart on it


This store has all kinds of apparel, decor, and prints. I'm wearing my very vibrant heart shirt that I got from there.



SciPaws is the nerdiest pet accessories shop ever run by my friend Corelle! You can get bandanas, cat kickers, and keychains, among other items. If you scroll through and find Erbium or Livermorium (modeled so beautifully here by Subi) those are from me, but all the other prints over there are awesome too.