Hello! I'm a doctor and graphic designer who specializes in science-themed patterns. I sell my art on several print on demand websites and also make my own scrub caps and scrunchies!

  • Hodgepodge Bricolage is an artistic treasure trove, especially for scientists!

  • All your prints are GREAT! I'm a science teacher, making masks for next year for myself and co-workers. i suspect i'll be back for more :)

  • Your designs are so cute and very accurate. I will be making masks with the fabric I bought. Hopefully the antibodies will keep the COVID away!

  • My son has been playing with computers since he was 2 and I know he will love these socks! Can’t wait for him to get these in his stocking this year!

  • I am so excited to get your beautiful products to send to my child who is also in medical school. ♥️

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