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Hodgepodge Bricolage

Anesthesia Scrub Cap in the Bauhaus style

Anesthesia Scrub Cap in the Bauhaus style

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This scrub cap features an anesthesia design that is inspired by the Bauhaus movement and is very geometric and minimalistic in its approach. I adore this design and know that it is subtle but enjoy when people come up and express understanding. There are elements including circuit tubing, propofol bottles, endotracheal tubes, and masks.

I tried to stretch out the number of scrub caps I could make with the fabric I bought so I made one with a mostly white tie (the top scrub cap in the first photo). I've included it in the pile of scrub caps I'm selling so if you're lucky, there's a 1/8 chance you'll get that one.

I modeled this with a sweatshirt I designed to celebrate my entering the world of anesthesia. I've linked it below in case you are interested:

Go forth and Anesthetize! Sweatshirt 

There is one size of this design, with a taller fit so that extra hair is accommodated.

Washing Instructions: it's recommended that you machine wash these on cold and then air dry, but I've washed and dried these before and they do fine.

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