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Hodgepodge Bricolage

Nerds: Brains Scrunchies

Nerds: Brains Scrunchies

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I love drawing brains and owning things with brain related items on them (sweaters, art, shirts, GIANTmicrobes...) and this is a celebration of the nerds who feel the same way about the coolest organ ever. It's so complex and we barely understand what's going on with them, but brains are incredible and it's nice to wear more than one on your head when doing scrub cap activities.

Sizing: approximate measurements, these are hand made!

 Unstretched diameter
Small 3.25" (8 cm)
Large 4.5" (11 cm)


Washing Instructions: it's recommended that you machine wash these on cold and then air dry, but I've washed and dried these before and they do fine.

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